Reader Reviews

Jeanne Rex

Wow! Just finished reading Off the Edge. Once engaged in reading (without interruptions) I really got into the complexities of plot and simply couldn’t put it down. Read well into the very early morning. It’s an edge of your seat suspense thriller with a complex plot that unfolds with seemingly unrelated events in multiple locations that unfold in unexpected twists and turns and present unique challenges for the cast of heroes to discover and solve in order to rescue and save innocent lives that are in mortal danger. The  ending appeals to even the romantic female reader which is unusual for most plots in the thriller genre. Enjoyed your brief comments (as the scientist you are) regarding mysticism and undefined premonitions needing the future before the hindsight could be validated. I thought you used descriptions of changing weather along with premonitions as a literary device to foreshadow dangerous events that would follow. Then, I read a beautiful passage about no amount of worry being able to change one’s fate.

Doug Dunlap

I’ve just finished reading Off the Edge and I have to tell you I enjoyed it very much. It kept me on the edge of my seat and I stayed up till three in the morning to finish it and that’s rare for an editor and proofreader! I particularly liked the construction, the way all the strands are introduced and gradually come together to the very exciting climax. Very filmic. I also like the unusual blending of accurate science information with a fast paced adventure story, beautiful descriptions of the countryside and an idyllic love relationship. Add some animals, philosophy and techie details of hardware—this book’s got the lot! But it is also well written and the well-researched details rarely get in the way of the plot.

Catherine Fosnot

Having enjoyed Perry’s first book Off the Edge in his series about the secret missions of Jim Johnson, Assistant Head of the State Department’s Biological Warfare, I looked forward to reading his second Over the Line, knowing it would be good entertainment during the 6 hour train ride ahead of me. I was not disappointed. In his inimitable style, Perry hooked me at once with his prologue (just as he had done with his prologue in Over the Edge) and I read the book in one sitting, unable to put it down. I was unprepared however for the attachment I would develop to his characters. There is depth and feeling in this second book as Perry carefully develops and crafts his characters further. Throughout this book, Perry lets us almost live in the shoes of his characters, to involve us in his soul-searching study of good and bad and what makes people do what they do.

Joan Oliver

Over The Line had me gripped from page one. I like the variety of characters & the ways they find of dealing with a whole host of difficulties & experiences. It's nice to meet some old friends from Off The Edge & see them change & develop but this book stands on its own. As always with Randall Perry one of the most intriguing aspects of the novel is the way in which very different worlds are woven together in one exciting narrative. The accuracy of information and the attention to detail is impressive. Perry writes about the military, drug cartels, computers, big business and science as if he had been intimately involved in them. He also writes very convincingly about Mexico, London and Arizona.The exploration of ideas and the way personal morality plays itself out in public actions, which was suggested in Off The Edge, is explored more deeply here but never gets in the way of the plot or the action. The story rattles along at a great pace, keeping you on the edge of your seat all the way through as the plot twists and turns and one exciting event after another leaves you unable to stop reading. If you enjoy a novel which has something to say, you will like Over The Line. If you enjoy action, adventure, mystery, new technology, gun battles and the military, you will love it!

Albert Klychak

Intoxicating!!! Randall Perry captivates your immediate attention from the get go. That fatal day of September 11 clearly demonstrated to America that terrorists can extend their reach well beyond their borders but Dr. Perry reminds us all that terrorism can also be generated from within. The twisting plots and dual story lines are intriguing and action packed and constantly keeps you guessing. The suspense in Off The Edge keeps you 'on the edge'……